Benny the Bunny!

Benny has always been a creative storyteller. Because of having so many brothers and sisters, he was continually striving for attention amongst so many siblings. He is the youngest and has always been the “class clown.” Even so, he is also quite intelligent and has regularly been at the top of his class in school. He is the only one that lives on the farm with his mom, Bonnie. 

Benny uses humor and characters to work with children in Hillside Valley’s cancer wing. Benny’s mom had a cancer scare a few years back. She had been trying to save money by eating a lot of commercially grown carrots and subsequently grew a tumor in her left leg. Farmer Bob found her near the edge of his farm and brought her back and took her to the vet. They were able to surgically remove the tumor and she has been fine since. She now only eats vegetables out of the community garden. No pesticides, no chemicals. 

Benny hopes that everyone with cancer can have as beautiful recovery as his mom. 

He volunteers twice a week at Hillside Valley Hospital. He puts on shows for the kids one day and assists the kids on their own stories on the other day.

Benny’s stories are usually large events, shows or theatre pieces. He loves disguises and costumes and learning different accents.