Betsy the Cow!

Betsy the Cow resides at Farmer Bob’s Sustainable Dairy Farm in Ridgeway Valley. Betsy was a rescue cow and was raised by Aunt Maude and Uncle Henry. She is a leader amongst her fellow cows. She leads by example and gentle suggestion. 

She was a student teacher with her aunt for several years. She excels in teaching very young students how to read and to paint. Betsy loves to do yoga, sing out-loud, make up silly stories, and to paint big canvases.

She is a great teacher and believer in making mistakes to learn. She likes to teach by having students “do” instead of “watch.”

She is a good friend, keeper of secrets, and very honest.

Betsy leads a yoga class every week for anyone who wants to participate. It is mostly cows, but some other animals have gotten involved as well. Her best pupil in yoga is her best friend, Lou.