Lou was born on Farmer Bob’s Dairy Farm. He was the smallest bird born in a group of hatchlings to Susie the bird. He attempted to fly while all his siblings were learning, but he was really small and not as strong as the rest. Finding a friend in Betsy the cow, Susie was able to have Lou stay on the farm while the rest of the family migrated south for the winter. This is the beginning of how Betsy and Lou became best friends.

Lou loves to write. He loves to tell stories in rhythmic poems. He is eager to learn and make friends and be a great contributor to his community. Although he only eats worms, he loves to grow vegetables in the community garden (located at the edge of Farmer Bob’s garden) and learn new recipes. He brings a new vegetable dish to every Sunday dinner. He makes vegetarian foods mostly because Betsy is a vegetarian, along with Aunt Maude and Uncle Henry.