Otis the Penguin!

Otis the Penguin is an avid reader. He loves to read and often gets lost in books. He volunteers at the library and hopes to work in one when he gets older. 

Otis is an only child and has immersed himself in books for the entertainment. His mom runs an ice-skating rink as well as provides lessons –both via large classes and individually. She has worked 50 hours a week for several years. But she absolutely loves it! 

Otis’ favorite class in school is creative writing. He dreams of traveling the world one day and most of the stories he writes are about adventures overseas. He wants to make sure all of his own stories are historically and geographically accurate. Therefore, he is usually reading many books at once. Typically, he has a history book, a literature book, and a fiction story all next to his bed. He prefers adventures based on truth.

Otis lives in Dunedin, New Zealand, which is located on the south east bottom tip of NZ. It is smaller than the state of Rhode Island. It is home to the “steepest street in the world," Baldwin Street, according to the Guiness Book of Records.