Phannie the Truffle Pig!

Phannie is a third generation White Truffle foraging pig. She hails from Alba, Italy and her family moved to the U.S. recently. Her father, a well-known professor focusing on environmentalism, science & nature, is on a three year sabbatical in the U.S.

Phannie is quite obsessed with Amelia Earhart. It all began when her mother gave her a copy of the picture book: “Amelia & Eleanor go for a ride.” She then began doing more research and reading on her own about Amelia and her life.

Phannie was inspired when she read about Amelia’s aspirations, her strength as a woman, and her love of outdoors. So inspired, in fact, she had her glasses made from old fashioned aviator goggles. 

Phannie loves to journal and take photos. You will typically find her wearing her camera around her neck.