The Matrix Sherpa

Are you an artisan who needs help with your website or online presence?

I believe that being able to have a really great website shouldn't cost you an arm and a leg.
Just because you cannot write code, does not mean you should not have a kick ass website where you can sell your amazing goods or services!
Are you wondering about all the different social media outlets out there? Which ones you should focus on? How to optimize the ones you have? 
I can help!

Contact The Matrix Sherpa for help!

It's afforadable.
I will give you a quick assessment of what your online image is, what it needs to be and how to get there.
(Your first consult will be $40 - $50 USD)

My services are ala carte.
I will tell you what further help and/or services will cost. And I will tell you where you should spend your budgeted monies, in the order you should spend them. Even if thta is not with me!

It's here for those who want to focus on their craft... not learning code or researching the best monthly services.
I will build, organize,and then hand your new webite over to you. Unless you decide you want ongoing monhtly maintenance, there are no additional charges. 
However, I will be available to advise you on an ala carte platform (pay as you go or per service). I am always upfront and transparent about cost and timeline.

With Kindness,

The Matrix Sherpa